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About Kimono

Ruthi began her designer path as a Jewelry crafter and designer.


Kimono was established six years ago, as a teen girl fashion house, specializing in unique one of a kind religious and conservative girl – teen dresses.

The sizes range from a size 8 girls up to size 36 – 38 women. The designs are unique and personal, and are meant to feel and look great, so you can feel as pretty as ever.At Kimono you are able to find that special dress for your Bat Mitzva, that can be used for a different and other accession as well.Kimono Collections are defined by its Sport Elegant, Cotton, Shifon, lace, Flowers and many other decorations and embellishments made for your Teen Queen.


Our Kimono costumers will receive a warm and home like professiona l treatment.Kimono designs are all MADE IN ISRAEL.

צרי קשר עוד היום לרכישת שמלת חלומותייך
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נייד: 050-2000609​
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